“Are My Boobs Too Big?”

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I got an interesting text from a busty friend of mine today. She asked me if her boobs were too big and she sent me this pic. I knew she was just after attention and wanted to be a flirt. But instead I replied to her and told her that yes her boobs are far too big. I told her that the veins on her tits are showing which is a sign of an overgrown hooter. I mentioned to her that her taters are so big that it’s making her pink nips point to the ground. She’s still a BBW though (a big boob woman).

Mom With Lactating Tits & Enlarged Nipples

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Fat Babe Creates An Online Dating Profile

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My Ex GF Has Huge Boobs, Yours?

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Busty Wife Takes A Naked Selfie

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While cleaning the house alone at home this housewife got a bit horny. So she put down the vacuum cleaner and took out her shiny new smartphone. She stripped off all her clothes and took a naked selfie. This MILF showed her landing strip, her boobs and the whole nine yards.

Ebony Babe With Big Dark Tits

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